About Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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About Windsor for Windsor, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Windsor, Ontario

Overview of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The city of Windsor, Ontario, is the southernmost city of Canada, and has a total population of 208,402 (2001). Windsor is arguably the automotive capital of Canada, and is the fourth most ethnically diverse city in Canada. The city is home to the University of Windsor and St. Clair College, and is known for being politically leftist, with both of its current national members of parliament being representatives of the New Democratic Party.

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  • Population: 208,402 (2001)
  • Population Density: 1,727.7 km2
  • Area: 120.63 km2
  • Latitude: 42°18` N
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Elevation: 190 m. above sea level
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario, was first settled by the French in 1748, and has been continually inhabited since that time, making it the oldest consistent settlement west of Quebec in Canada. The city was made an official village in 1854, established as a town in 1858, and then a city in 1892.

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Windsor's Demographics

According to the 2001 Canadian Census, the city of Windsor, Ontario, has a total population of 208,402 people, with an annual rise of 1.4%. The city is the fourth most diverse in Canada with more than 20% of its residents born out of the country. 49.3% of the Windsor population is male and 50.7% female, with 12% of the total population is over 65 and 6.3% under the age of five.

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Windsor's Climate

Windsor, similar to the rest of Southern Ontario, typically receives hot and muggy summers followed by exceptionally cold winters. Windsor is also prone to tornadoes due to its location in a miniature tornado alley that stretches towards Peterborough.

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Education in Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario, is home to numerous educational facilities, including private and public elementary and secondary schools, as well as the University of Windsor and St. Clair College.

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Transportation around Windsor, Ontario

The city of Windsor, Ontario, is the western terminus for VIA Rails' Quebec City-Windsor Corridor and Ontario Highway 401. Located on the St. Lawrence Seaway, Windsor is accessible to ocean-going vessels, and is served by the Windsor Airport. The city is also linked to the United States through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, a Canadian Pacific Railway tunnel, the Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry, and the Ambassador Bridge.

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Tourism and Attractions of Windsor

Windsor tourist attractions include the Casino Windsor, a lively and exciting downtown, Little Italy, Ojibway Park, and the Art Gallery of Windsor. The city is also home to numerous parks along its beautiful waterfront, and co-hosts the extensive Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival that includes a fireworks celebration of the American Independence Day and Canada Day.

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Geography of Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario, is located at the western end of the heavily populated Quebec City-Windsor corridor. Located on the southwest edge of St. Lake Clair, in between Lake Huron and Lake Eerie, Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada..

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Windsor's Government

The current mayor of the city of Windsor, Ontario, is Eddie Francis, who works co-operatively with the Windsor City Council. The present members of parliament representing the city are Joe Comartin and Brian Masse, both from the New Democratic Party (NDP). The current provincial representatives are Liberals Dwight Duncan and Sandra Pupatello.

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Windsor's Economy and Industry

The economy of Windsor, Ontario, is highly reliant on its industries. Factories in the city include numerous Ford Motor Company plants, a Daimler-Chrysler minivan assembly plant, a Hiram Walker Canadian Club plant, and a General Motors' transmission plant. Windsor's economy is also dependent on mould building for the plastic injection industry, for which the city has an international reputation.

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Windsor's Culture and Significant Events

Windsor, Ontario, is the fourth-most culturally diverse country in Canada. The city is also renowned for its arts and history related performances and galleries, including Windsor's Community Museum, the Capital Theatre and Arts Centre, the Park House Museum, Chrysler Theatre, and Korda artistic productions.

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Sports in Windsor, Ontario

Although Windsor is home to numerous minor league and post-secondary sports teams, many of the city's residents support professional sports teams from Toronto and Detroit. Some local teams are highly supported, however, including the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League, the Windsor AKO Fratmen of the Ontario Lacrosse Association, the Windsor Border Stars of the Canadian Professional Soccer League, and the Windsor Mariners of the Ontario Australian Football League.

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Media of Windsor

Windsor, Ontario, is largely served by Detroit and Toronto media, but there are also many popular local radio and television stations, magazines and newspapers .

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